Fun photos for today

Is anyone else fascinated by buzzards (or vultures, whichever name you use)? These photos were taken in Wayne National Forest at Burr Oak Lake.

According to mythology, Zeus was angry with Prometheus for giving fire to humans. As punishment, Zeus chained him on a mountaintop where vultures ate his liver and flesh; each night he would be healed and endure it anew every day. Prometheus was finally rescued after a dozen generations by Hercules.

(Some versions use eagles instead of vultures but obviously only one fits my photos.)

That would seem to be where vultures get the symbolism of death, rebirth, and purification. Patience and protection are additional symbols.

The new shop on the website has just launched. I’m slowly adding products, but for now it has a few digital downloads ready to purchase and print yourself.

Obviously, this photo is not at Burr Oak Lake. Just a pleasant blue ocean scene from a beach on Kauai.

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A small selection of new photos

Eventually I’ll get them all off my cameras, but if you know me you know I take way too many. I promise I’ll have all the eclipse photos done soon!

As always, if you’d like a print of any of these let me know. They’ll get to my Etsy shop eventually.

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Kauai – February 2024

Kauai – February 2024

I haven’t gone through my millions of photos yet but it was so nice to be back, even if it was a memorial service and paddle out.

Miss you, Mark. And Keith. And Steve. Kauai lost some good ones since I’ve been gone.

If you don’t know, Mark was the subject of “Surfer, Sailor, Smuggler,” but he didn’t want it known to the general public while he was alive. Mark was a great guy and loved by all who knew him.

Beach Turtle

Beach Turtle

I’m starting to add digital photos to my Etsy page so you can download and print in any size you like. My favorites and best sellers will remain as print only.

Beautiful swim with a manta ray and a few friends from Kauai Ocean Swimming

It may not be exciting to see a manta ray on some islands, but Kauai doesn’t have many. We were thrilled to see this beauty swim by. I didn’t add a soundtrack b/c you can faintly hear whales in the background.

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